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our team is devided into multiple segments, A, R, D, T, S, and  SO.
A is for alpha. Alpha is the top highest risk attack squad and is usualy on point and searching for the objective. they are at the most risk because of the attention of fire and assault that they draw from the enemy. they are more likely to be hit than any other possition.  Led by tom. max players: 5.  (only 3 slots left)
D is for Defence. Defence is the second highest risk possition. this is because they are constantly beeing attacked by squads twice their numbers. With A B R S and T, someones gotta guard the flag.  thats where defence comes in.  composed of mostly heavy and medium classed riflemen, Defence puts up a sure fight. led by: ? max players: 5 (all 5 slots available!)
SO is for Special Ops.  SO is the next highest risk attack force. this is because SO is planting traps, not necessarily worried about their possition. they also possition themselves in places where they can get caught very easily. SO is used for gathering intell, finding the enemys game plan, and setting traps. SO is known for its deadly land mines and grenades and un conventional methods of attack. However, SO only exists when the game plan needs an SO team. Ken and whoever else are a part of Recon squad UNLESS the need is required, then the two empty slots are filled in my replacements. Led by Ken. Max Players: 2 (only one slot left!)
R is for Recon. Recon is the fourth highest risk attack squad and is on point only when the plan emphasizes that, or when alpha is taken out or needs backup.  Recon is known for sneeky manuvers such as "ghost flanking" and "up your 6" manuvers. Recon features a rotation of people. If SO is in the game plan, then ken and his assistand will leave, replaced by the assistant XO leadershiply, with two new recruts. this means that Recon will have 6 people in it, however there will usually be just four. Led by Ken(max players 4) slots open: 3 Replacement Slots open: 2
S is for Sniper, as one would guess.  Snipers are lower on the risk factor. why? a trained sniper uses methods of pure concielment to keep himself looking like a pile of leaves, a log, ect. this is a one man army powerhouse.  The "S" uses ghillie to keep himself hidden and uses the Sniper Paranioa to keep his enemys where he likes them, freaked out and wasting paint. teams sniper: ? Max players: 1 POSSITION AVAILABLE
T is for Tank.  The tank is the lowest, believe it or not, on the risk factor for possitions.  This is because of the 360' cover from all fire. people inside the tank cannot be hit from other infantry, and can only be killed by a nerf rocket. woo hoo.  The tank is used for mostly big games and show, but when it is used, few survive its mighty pass. The tank might be controlled by two to three people, but it also has troop transport capabilities and racks up hundreds of kills a game. Led by jake, Driven by Andrew. max players: 3.  slots open: 1
REMEMBER: this is a list of Highest risk, not popularity.   if you go for all out guts and glory, look for something higher up the list, but if you want something maybe lesser, look for someware lower. except for tank, they can only fit three people in their tank.

thats who we are, one sound good? check out assignments and class for more info.  we always have slots open...