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CSM Paintball Team
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Do you want to be part of a team?
well heres your chance!

SPPL regulation rules state that 15 people are a maximum, and 10 are a minimum per team. we are trying to shoot for 15, but if not, someware inbetween should be ok.
But if you still would like to be on the team, but not cut it for the SPPL, dont worry! we can still put you on the team if you have any experience. why? Big games.  if we have about 30 people, well who needs to be mixeed in with people we dont know? well do fine if we all stick together.

Hogans Alley, 27th of may
Hogans Alley, June 24th
Cement Yard (see specops game locator), July...?

its not so much of a try out as it is a, show up and well put you into your class and assignment.