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CSM Paintball Team
Classes and possitions
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Classes and possitions

Class and Assignment are important, here well show you what we mean.

Class and weight.
Depending on your Weight and Armory, you might be suitable for one thing or another, depending on just the weight of your gun, equipment, and yourself, you may be cut out for different possitions.
Light: requires someone with a light pack, small body, tight gun and the ability to run far and fast
Medium: Requires average build with 6 or 8 pod pack. Must be able to run, but not necessarily fast. 
Heavy: Requires average/strong build with a pack that can hold over 1000 rounds and a gun to handle it.  Doesnt have to run at all, as long as he can walk with 80 pounds of gear, he/she is perfect for it.
Spec Ops Officer: One slot open.  requires average build with all black equipment.  gun must be medium/heavy an pack must be medium size.  Also includes Tank Hunting, Mine Field design, Bottle Necking, Blackmail, Interigation, and goin all splinta cell on yo bitchass!
Sniper: Slot open.  requires no build what so ever, but gun must meet sniper regulations, also must have ghillie suit (full cover, head and torso only does nothing.
Tank: One slot open: requires skills in basic engenering.  If your looking for a possition as Tank Hunter, look into recon.

As stated, Alpha is on point. they lead in distracting the enemy for Recon/SO and take most of the body shots.  known for there assault style and flat out bluntness of there missions.
Recon is the attack squad that uses methods to attack the enemy while alpha is distracting them with thier assault.
SO gathers information and plants land mines.  uses tactics not recognized my most paintball teams.
Sniper: uses one shot one kill methods to attack enemy groups en-route to the home base. stops them and/or slows them to a crawl
tank: used for big games, but is used for distraction of most enemy players.  nothing but lots of bells and whistles to get players to waste as much paint at the tank then the actual infantry.

do one of those sound good? email us for the specifics of a possition (ex. light recon, med defence, ect.)