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want to learn more about the wepons we use? learn more here.

not untill recent months have ions been convidered tactical, but SpecOps paintball has changed that with there new ion tactical body shroud and gas through stocks, making the ion a tactical force to be reconed with.  some of our lights and plenty of meds use them for there high firepower and egnomic design.

We like our tippmanns alot.  Tippmann has thought up some serious paintball desighns and has mastered the entery level game completely.  the Tippman A5 with its revolutionary Cyclone Feed system is the best mechanical gun money can buy, and the most accesible.  98's are commonly used by most of the recon team and most light riflemen posssiotions.  this is because the 98's small hoppers and perfectly placed foregrip make it well balenced.

Stock Class!
stock class guns are used by our sniper.  Snipers like the one shot one kill bolt action accuracy of the stock class wepons, but focusing in more on the CCI Phantom pumps more so than most other pump guns.  Stock Class is anything but a new idea, but that doesnt mean it hasnt been updated.  our sniper is prowd to be owning a phantom.

as you can see, we love tippmans, ions and stock class very much.  but we do not favor most tourney guns due to their back heavy, odly shapped designs.