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CSM Paintball Team
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Play us!

Wanna take this outside punk?

ok, well you can catch us at hogans alley paintball llc from time to time, but we also like to play at the cement yard.  we have a few private fields that are welcome to friends and family, and paintball classes might become a reality. the private field will cost money (if we allow this sorta thing to happen) to play at and you must buy your own paint and gas someware else, we dont have a store....yet.  reservations are slim, dates are classified.
but lets say your completely new to the sport and would like to play a game or two, but not at a cheating place like hogans alley, then we might be able to help you. Contact Tom (email on contacts page) if you are completely new and would like to learn much more about the sport.

Even though we may have a private field, you can still catch us just about anyware the games are hot!  also, catch us at the invasion of normandy (06, 07, 08) in pensilvania, and most other big games. dates will be posted if you wanna see us in the weekly update.

we go to hogans generally once a month, but very rarely. we dont like the staff or reffs at hogans, as they are rude to us and very unhelpfull. Players are often caught wiping paint in and turning up there velocity and using guns that are completely field illegal.  this is why we enjoy the cement yard field and Strategy Plus much much more.

Upcoming games:
Team Tryouts: may 27th
Weekend Skirmish: June 10th
both at hogans alley