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CSM Paintball Team
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Contact us!

Contact us!

wed love to hear your feedback

we really would like to know what you think about us. but please, we would only like to know what you think.  If you want to join the team, you must show up to a try out, not a private game or a team practice. 
But if you would like to know what we think about maybe a game plan, your equipment, ect. wed love to help you out! 
but if you want to tell us about this one time where you was like, so into the muck and stuff and like, there was this guy dude and like, ahh man you shouldve been there.   that stuff we hate. HATE. dont tell us about this one time at band camp.

Contact A/R- Leader

Contact A leader

"dude, this one time, i was at this woods field, right? so like yeah, i went up to this house thing dude, and there was liek, twenty hundred people just standing around dude! so i was like WTF? and threw a grenade in there and it was like, ah sick nasty man, but some dumb fricking noob shot me in the head man, it sucked man."
as a note, we.  dont. CARE!