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weekly update

last updated: 5/12/06

the team is on its way now.
however, tryouts have been canceled due to poor weather, heavy humidity, and a flooded woods field. unfortunately, the tryouts have been pushed back to the 27th.  we cant do it next weekend (20th) because of a boyscouts event. sucks huh? well blame mother nature, not me.
other than that its the same old headache. we need 15 people for an SPPL standards "team" but the ammount of people doesnt stop at 15, we can always have more people.

SO-leaders weekly whosayzit:
"i like to move it move it!"
"ken, get down from there!"

"One of the most gradifying things is seeing the enemys face mask suddenly turn blue and yellow" - Thomas Jefferson
"yes, yes it is." - Abraham Lincon